Why Me?

I am the therapist that people come to when they've tried other therapies and other therapists and haven't got the results they are seeking. I'm the person to call when you feel stuck and fear you can't change, but you're still hopeful. My written and video testimonials and independent reviews prove an exceptional level of client satisfaction with a wide range of issues.

I offer honest, authentic, heart-led therapy that is individual to you. No issue is too small or ridiculous, too messy or muddled; I am great at cutting through the confusion or complexities to identify the problem and the likely solution. I promise that I will listen to you without judgement and do my very best to help you using all my skills and experience. It doesn't matter if you've had hypnotherapy before, like vets or dentists, doctors or teachers we are all different. If you are tempted to reach out or want to find out more, give me a call, send me an email or book a free no-obligation consultation; I'd love to hear from you!

I will help you to ditch the narrative that’s keeping you small, fearful, stuck, or miserable so that you can make choices based on your potential, not old outdated patterns.

I work with clients whose self-doubt has robbed them of opportunities to thrive at work or socially. Maybe Imposter syndrome causes them to work longer and harder than others, but despite great achievements, they fear being rumbled as a fraud. Or those for whom the fear of public speaking or talking in meetings leaves them with anxiety, insomnia, or feeling sick to the pit... perhaps even considering quitting a job they love.

Using a blend of
hypnotherapy and other talking therapy and psycho-sensory techniques, I help you to stop running old scripts, so that you can give fear the middle finger and reconnect with your amazing uniqueness.

Can you imagine what it will be like when you are free of this thing? I mean really imagine it... What will you do? Where will you be? Who will be with you, or will you choose to be alone? What job will you be doing? Where will you take your holidays when you no longer have that phobia, fear of flying, or social anxiety? Think of the shed loads of energy you’ll have when you’re no longer over-thinking or running the ‘what ifs' through your mind constantly.
Good, huh?

Appointments & Fees

I'm an extremely experienced therapist with a track record that speaks for itself. Clients frequently achieve their goals in fewer sessions than they expect. Success is dependent on a number of factors, so it's important that we have a chat before you book so that we are both comfortable and confident that I am the right therapist for you.  Give me a call or email me to discover how I may help you. 

Initial assessment + hypnotherapy session (75-90 minutes) - £125

Block of 5 x sessions - £500 

Individual sessions & bespoke packages - ask for info

"When I went to see Lorraine I had severe anxiety - I was getting anxiety attacks 2 to 3 times a week. After the first session of hypnotherapy, I really began to see a change, and the anxiety attacks stopped happening. After 6 sessions my anxiety symptoms completely disappeared" - Kim

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