A note about testimonials

The NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) only allows testimonials to be posted if they comply with the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) rules; that they are genuine and that clients have given permission for their use on my website. I very much appreciate the generosity of clients who have kindly given testimonials.

Here are some messages from clients. Please feel free to read them and get in touch if you'd like more info.

This client wanted to work on a past trauma that had been triggered by a recent event

I worked with Lorraine to address a traumatic event from earlier in my life and to be able to move forward positively. Her sessions enabled me to look at things from a completely different perspective, to change the inner commentary of the mind which can swirl around us each day. I highly recommend Lorraine's therapy to help you address major issues in your life or to be able to make changes for the better.

- Charlotte

This woman came to see me after a relatively new onset of sleeplessness

Lorraine has helped me a lot after the first session already. i have spent weeks suffering from insomnia and stress, and i was at loss at what to do and if i would sleep again. Few days after the first session, I started to feel the benefits of hypnotherapy. when i was waking up at night, i was more relaxed, and eventually fell asleep again. few days later, i was starting to sleep more and better. after the second session, my insomnia was over, I don't feel the stress when i go to bed, and when i wake up in the middle of the night, i always sleep back very quickly. thank you Lorraine for your help.

- Christina

Stress and Low-self esteem
This woman came to see me with some physical manifestations of stress and anxiety and we explored and addressed the root cause and lack of assertiveness

Lorraine's hypnotherapy sessions were a mind opening and life changing experience. If you think you know what hypnotherapy is all about or even if you're a sceptic, I'd still say go. Lorraine is refreshingly calming, open and straight talking, and her approach is big picture thinking. She doesn't help you sticky tape it - she helps you address the real cause. Thank you Lorraine.

- Sarah

Fear of water
This client had a fear of water but was required to pass a test in lifesaving skills as part of her job

Hi Lorraine, I just wanted to let you know I had my lifesaver tests today as part of my training and I’m happy to say that I had a really enjoyable day! I’m so glad I sought therapy and that I’ve overcome such a huge fear!! Thank you so much for all you help as I couldn’t have got through today without it!!

- Laura

Low self-esteem and lack of assertiveness
This client saw me for help with bruxism (teeth grinding) and also benefitted from help with confidence issues

I've seen psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors, alternative practitioners of all sorts, in a bid to overcome low times and be the best version of me I can be. They've all been great but then I think you come across some people who really make an imprint and Lorraine is one and also unexpected. I went for a fix on what I thought was an isolated problem and Lorraine addressed the big picture. Lorraine and Hypnotherapy helped me think differently and because of this I'm much more secure in myself, my decision-making abilities and feel more comfortable in my own skin than ever before and other people notice too - my brother for one and that means the world.

- Sarah

Performance nerves and low confidence
This client came to see me a few times for help to overcome performance nerves and low self-esteem

Hi Lorraine, Thank you for giving me the life skills that I desperately needed. I will take it and run with it. God bless

This client came to me for help to feel more confident in certain work situations and specifically to stop blushing.

Its not often that you come out of a room where you’ve been sitting for an hour, feeling taller!

I decided to turn to Lorraine for Hypnotherapy after realising that I was holding myself back in work situations due to under confidence which manifested itself in blushing! It stopped me saying things in meetings which I know would’ve have been relevant and insightful. It even got to a stage where I’d dread certain situations because I know that I’d blush and either look as if I wasn't being truthful or just massively under confident and so not really up to the senior position I had found myself in.

I had already tried online mindfulness which was helpful and started me on the path, but I knew that I needed a little bit more help. After my first session I was overwhelmed at how powerful the hypnotherapy session with Lorraine was. I already felt something in my subconscious had been ‘spoken to’ and told to behave itself and to put itself in order so to speak. After a course of sessions I now feel that I have grown in confidence and so in myself and feel taller and stronger to deal with certain situations which I would've previously tried to avoid. Lorraine has taken me on a journey and even though my course has now come to an end and my issue has been resolved, I will still periodically book a session with Lorraine. After all, it’s not often you come out of something not only feeling taller but also feeling happy and almost laughing inside.

Time with lorraine is really a worthwhile investment in yourself and your wellbeing and when you think you carry that with you every day - relatively cheap if you were to break it down into ‘cost per wear’!

- Claire

Smoking cessation
This message was sent by a client who came to see me for smoking cessation hypnotherapy several years ago

Just to let you know after smoking 30 cigarettes a day (more when out drinking with friends - that could have been 50-60 a day) for 30 years I am delighted to say after my two hour session with you I have not had a cigarette since October 2013. I am not saying it was easy, as it wasn't, but I listened to the CD you gave me for 3 months every night and then gradually stopped listening and here I am, Smoke-free for 3 1/2 years now and NO intention of ever lighting up again. Thank you very much,

- Louise

Fear of the tube
This client came to see me for help to overcome her fear of the tube and was very happy when she was able to travel easily across London underground after 3 sessions

I have been trying for years to overcome my fear of the underground. I have been terrified of getting stuck on the tube or the tube breaking down, which would lead me to have some sort of panic attack (although in reality this has never happened!). I have spent hours on different modes of transport trying to get to and from work. From trains, ferries, cycling, to walking, I have tried them all! For some this may not seem like a debilitating fear, however when you live and work in central London, the tube is the quickest mode of transport to get you around. My journey to work on average has been 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours each way, everyday, which starts to take its toll on your quality of life.

After several failed attempts at trying to conquer my fear myself and spending hundreds on other therapies, I was beginning to think I would never be able to travel on the tube again. However, I decided to take control of my fear once and for all and visit Lorraine. I went with a very open mind as I wasn't completely sure what it would entail. Lorraine immediately put me at ease with her welcoming personality, warmth and understanding. After my initial consultation I felt Lorraine really understood my fear, what I was trying to achieve and who I was.

After only one session I was able to immediately get back on the tube. Although I had immediate success, I kept going for a few more sessions as I was worried I would go back to my old ways of avoiding the tube, however I continued to have a completely different feeling towards the tube.

I can honestly say I have never looked back! I now travel every day, in peak rush hour, on one of the busiest tube lines. I don't even think now when I need to get onto a tube. If I do ever think about the tube stopping I know I have the tools within me to cope.

I can honestly say Lorraine has changed my life. I cannot recommend her enough. From a very happy tube commuter.

Smoking cessation
This gentleman came to see me several weeks ago and is still a non-smoker.

Hi Lorraine, I'm happy to report that things have been fine, and I really haven't had any significant temptation to smoke since seeing you. I have had several nights out with drinking and music, and been easily able to get through them without smoking. I do genuinely feel that I am an ex-smoker! Very happy with the outcome so far, and have recommended you to a couple of friends already. I hope all is well your side, and thanks again for all your help. Kind regards,

- Peter

Update (8 months later): I'm pleased to report that I am still smoke-free, even after a trip to Notting Hill Carnival which would usually have been a big trigger.

Sleep problems
This lady came to me after a change in her life had led to some anxiety at night and disturbed sleep as a result.

Thank you Lorraine, for your professional and compassionate input at a difficult time for me. I have not achieved a solid eight hour period of sleep and nor did I expect to do so. However my attitude and understanding of my disturbed nights has benefitted from my 3 sessions. More often than not, I do now go back to sleep when waking in the night and I am sure this improvement will continue. Again, sincere thanks.

- Carol

Smoking Cessation
This woman wanted to quit smoking for good

Hi Lorraine, Happy New Year! And I hope you're well. I thought I would get in contact to let you know how things are going, as I realise that this is the first year in around 15 years that my New Year's resolution has not been to quit smoking! In two days I will have not smoked for 6 months and I honestly feel I never will again. Thanks again for everything. Best wishes,

- Emma

Stress, Anger and Impatience
This chap came to see me because he had found himself becoming stressed, irritated and impatient at work

Hi Lorraine, I just wanted to share this with you. Today is the first day in months and maybe years that I've felt calm and happy!! It's absolutely amazing (I'm sad to say it feels a bit strange!) but very nice. Today I've engaged myself in work and sending my CV out. It's all felt rewarding. I can only think it's a result of seeing you and the therapy. Thank you for listening at the last session and for being down to earth about my recent work challenges.

- Rod

Fear of Driving and Driving Test
This woman came to see me because she was afraid of driving and found her driving lessons hugely stressful. She was very keen to pass her test but had little belief that this was possible and her instructor wasn't too confident either given how anxious she was in the car. Like many clients, she had a lot of critical and negative internal dialogue and it was essential to change this negative mindset in order to help her to remain calm and focused. I was delighted to hear that she passed her test before the birth of her second child.

I came to see Lorraine for help in passing my driving test, in fact in gaining confidence and lose my fears to drive. I had failed my first test 10 month ago and the reason was because I was scared of driving, I didn't enjoyed my driving lessons (actually I was super stressed during them), I was lack of confidence and also I was super nervous with the idea of being in a test situation.

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to have my driving licence before giving birth but I couldn't see how, having this tremendous feelings of fear/nervous/stress/lack in confidence, fortunately I found Lorraine who had helped me in an invaluable way, not because I passed my test without stress, which is amazing, but also because I'm feeling confident while driving, I'm enjoying to feel in control in the car and now I'm free and proud for having beaten what have being holding me back and unhappy with myself.

I'm extremely greatful to Lorraine and now, my husband will be contacting her too. I will recommend her anytime because I have the best experience with her therapy. Thanks very much Lorraine!!

- Pía

Anxiety, Low Self-esteem & Negative Thoughts
This gentleman came to me for help with his anxiety and lack of confidence. We worked together using solution focused and cognitive behavioural approaches as well as hypnotherapy. With practise he began to use these techniques himself to stop anxious or depressive thoughts, to stop negative self-talk.

Having tried several different therapies to help me with anxiety issues, traumatic stress and low self esteem I found Lorraine's approach not only incredibly effective, but also refreshingly honest, direct and practical. I valued Lorraine's empathy, concern and encouragement and looked forward to my visits. Her approach was different to anything I had experienced before and helped me greatly. I am now in a very different place and when I need them Lorraine's words remind me to think differently and challenge my unhelpful thoughts. I am extremely grateful to Lorraine and would recommend her to anyone experiencing similar difficulties.

- Mark

Picky eating - fear of certain foods
This young woman came to see me because she had a very small list of foods that she would eat. This had been the case as long as she could remember. She was nervous about trying different foods, often choosing not to try something because she didn't like how it looked.

I came to see Lorraine after becoming tired and embarrassed of being a fussy eater, it was affecting my daily life, from general health to simply being able to go out to eat with friends without worrying what was on the menu. After the first few sessions with Lorraine I already felt my attitude and confidence towards trying new foods changing, and found myself on a working holiday, trying foods completely new to me and enjoying them. Upon my return we continued with our sessions, and set challenges in between each one, creating lists of items to try, and understanding why I did or didn't like said food. I quickly found myself being able to eat these new items without fear of the taste, and actually enjoying them. Our last session ended with a blindfold food tasting, in which I felt completely safe and in control, and not pressured to like any of the items being offered to me, and yet again came out with new items to add to my diet. Thanks to Lorraine I feel confident to continue down this path, able to keep a healthier and well balanced diet. Thank you Lorraine!

- Grace

Weightloss and low self-esteem
This woman came to see me because she wanted to lose weight and feel better about herself. She had been eating for emotional reasons and was unhappy with how she looked and how she felt.

I booked a course of weightloss hypnotherapy with Lorraine because I was so tired of myself. Despite knowing how to lose weight and not having any impediment to exercise, I stayed a frumpy 3 stone overweight for years and never liked what I looked like, dreaded social events and I’d stopped doing activities I once loved. In my twenties and thirties I didn’t have a weight problem and was happy with myself. So it was difficult to accept being a larger person with less energy who wanted to disappear at the pool on holiday. The truth was I wanted to eat anything I fancied, whenever I fancied and I made poor choices. Plus I had insomnia – a result of caring for both parents who had recently died of cancer – and that made me crave comfort food to get through the day.

In the consultation, Lorraine explained that I would feel deeply relaxed, but not in a trance state, which was true. I found that the CD helped me relax and sleep better at night. Slowly the voice in my head which used to say ‘have a pastry with your latte – you deserve it’ were replaced by ‘you don’t need that’. When I was eating out, shopping or choosing a snack I made better choices. The key message that food was just fuel for the body took hold. Finally, there was clarity in my head that over-eating doesn’t make you happy and it isn’t the way to treat yourself.

I finished the sessions and feel more ‘myself’. I like myself again, I like what I look like and think I am worthy of a fun social life. I joined a gym with lots of yoga/pilates and a pool because I really wanted to – not out of guilt or with a mission to lose a certain number of pounds by next Friday. In an early session I admitted to Lorraine that I just wanted to live and re-connect with friends and family without having a self-centred obsession about my weight. I knew that life shouldn’t be that shallow and unrewarding. I achieved that goal and am full of plans and enthusiasm again. If I need top up sessions in the future to maintain this clarity that I currently feel, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

- Donna

Anxiety and Fear of Travel
This young woman came to see me as she had developed a fear of flying as well as anxiety around travel by tube, train and driving.

Hi Lorraine, Things are going well. I do find the recordings helpful and thank you for sending me the latest one. I've just come back from a short break in Europe. Went on Eurostar and had a lovely time so feeling very positive at the moment. I'm building on things and moving forward. I have started getting the train every day in rush hour (having spent a year getting the bus!) I definitely am continuing to put your breathing and relaxation techniques into practice. I have learnt a lot from our sessions and continue to employ it in daily life. Your support has been invaluable in getting me back to everyday life.

- Laura

Panic Attacks and Inspiration for Change
This one speaks for itself

Hello Lorraine, I don't know if you remember me, I came to see you a while back for treatment for anxiety attacks - which you so brilliantly helped me with. I’m happy to say, they have completely gone now and I remember and act on all your help and advice every day.

I also wanted to let you know that you so inspired me, that I have actually taken action on a long term goal I have had since my mid-twenties and have started a Counselling course, with the hope to become a Counsellor myself in the future. I really felt compelled to tell you, I think perhaps because coming to see you was the catalyst for so much positive change in my life. Also because I am able (without breaking any confidences) to speak about my time with you so positively when we are having discussions about our own experiences etc. So it made me think of you. Take care and thanks again for everything.

- Rebecca

Anxiety and Insomnia
This lady was very anxious about her poor sleep and had lost confidence. She'd stopped her normal social and exercise activities and her voluntary work. I used a cognitive approach to help break her pattern of catastrophic thinking and hypnotherapy to help relax her and to install suggestions for calmness, self confidence and belief in her ability to sleep easily.

I went to see Lorraine because of insomnia and anxiety which was ruining my life. I had stopped going out and stopped seeing Family and Friends. I had taken sleeping pills and had acupuncture both of which were unhelpful. I also was hugely worried that I would become addicted to the sleeping pills. I am happy to report after two sessions I started picking up the threads of my life again and by the fourth session I feel happy and content again. Also I am sleeping relatively well and feel sure Lorraine has given me the tools to cope in the future.

- Mary

Negative mindset about dating
This client came to see me because she was jaded and cynical about dating, yet really wanted a loving relationship.

I came to see Lorraine as I had been dating on and off for a long time with no real success of finding what I was looking for - a serious long term relationship. I had had a few difficult experiences with men along the way which had knocked my confidence and as a result I had become very low and cynical about my prospect of meeting a potential partner. I realised that it was myself who was stopping me from moving forwards and finding someone and that's when I realised that I needed professional help.

I found Lorraine and it was evident pretty quickly that she was going to be upfront and honest with me to achieve the best results. With the hypnotherapy and other techniques she instilled calmness in me and helped me believe and trust in myself. Subsequently my attitude to dating changed and I have since found a partner with whom things are going really well. I can't thank you enough for your help as I feel that I am now in such a happy place and this wouldn't have been possible without you.

- Jessie

Relationship insecurity
This client came to see me as she was feeling insecure in her relationship. She was concerned too that her 'needy' behaviour might negatively impact on her relationship.

I went to see Lorraine as I was feeling very insecure within a long distance relationship. My obsessive and mostly irrational anxiety was affecting all aspects of my life. I had had talking therapies previously and didn’t want to explore the merits or otherwise of the relationship – I just wanted the anxiety that I knew was irrational to disappear. I didn’t want to have to take the time to justify the relationship to a questioning therapist or analyst – I knew that the relationship was good for me – or at least what I wanted - and I just needed support to help me cope with my feelings. I was able to communicate this in a very straightforward manner to Lorraine who simply introduced me to techniques to boost my self-confidence and largely dispel my anxieties leaving me so much happier and able to enjoy my life more fully than I have done in a long time. Whilst still missing my partner at times when we can’t see each other for a long time I no longer feel that crippling anxiety that used to affect me and as a result a lot of strain has been taken away and every aspect of my life has improved.

Lorraine is a very warm and genuine person who I felt understood me and very clearly just wanted to help – which she did. Thank you so much Lorraine – as you know I was really surprised by the results – I had been very sceptical and still can’t believe the positive change in myself. Warmest regards, Still feeling good.. ;)

- Penny

Assertiveness and self-esteem
This young mum came to see me several years ago and contacted me recently to share with me her ongoing success.

Lorraine, I came to you a few years ago when you were working in the gym in Southfields. I just wanted you to know that you made a huge positive difference to my life and I still often think of the things you taught me. I feel so glad that I came to you and sorted out some of my 'issues'. If I hadn't I would still be suffering from some painful problems. Kind regards,

- Georgia

Anger & Low self-esteem
This gentleman came to me for help to control his anger and jealousy. He told me that relationships had been negatively affected by his issues, but despite having some awareness of the root cause, he felt unable to control his feelings or behaviour.

I came to see Lorraine for help with a whole host of issues including low self-esteem, anxiety, anger and relationship problems. I was putting so much pressure on myself to be 'perfect', I was making myself and others around me miserable. The issues were so entangled I really didn't know where to start and I had previously found talking therapies next to useless. I knew what the issues were, just not how to solve them myself. Lorraine used a number of different techniques to help me and introduced me to a series of effective exercises and practical ways of tackling the problems myself. I now feel so much calmer in myself and have the tools to nip any future problems in the bud as and when they may present themselves. Thank you, Lorraine

- Simon

Anxiety attacks
This young woman came to see me for help to control her anxiety attacks. Following a few events over some years, she had developed some specific irrational fears and catastrophic thinking. She booked a course of 6 sessions and noticed changes in her thinking very quickly. By using a combination of cognitive behavioural techniques and hypnotherapy, I helped her to adopt a more relaxed approach to her life and taught her how to halt any unhelpful thoughts before they developed into anxious or destructive patterns.

When I went to see Lorraine I had severe anxiety- I was getting anxiety attacks 2 to 3 times a week. After the first session of hypnotherapy I really began to see a change and the anxiety attacks stopped happening. After 6 sessions my anxiety symptoms completely disappeared. It is now 3 weeks on from my last session and their has been a complete change to my thinking, sometimes when I get anxious I look back on what I learnt during my sessions with Lorraine and I am able to stop my anxiety as soon as it comes on. I would highly recommend going to see her.

- Kim

Verucca treatment
This client came to me as she wanted help to rid herself of a verucca she'd had for many years. She believed visualisation might be able to effect physical changes in the body and/or boost her immune system. After only two sessions of hypnosis and after practising the visualisation (self-hypnosis) I taught her at home, she reported that the verucca was shrinking, but hadn't gone completely. As a qualified aromatherapist, I then made some suggestions of oils that she could consider (for topical application) to use alongside the self-hypnosis.

I booked a consultation with Lorraine in a last ditch attempt to rid myself of a horrible verruca which I had had for years and years (and against which I had been actively battling for the past two years - I had tried everything, from the usual over the counter remedies, to laser removal, surgical removal and all manner of old wives' tales). I had had a few sessions of hypnotherapy a few years before, for a different purpose, so was already aware of the potential healing power of the mind. I thought it was worth a try, especially since what you really need to rid yourself of a verruca completely is for your own body to recognise the virus and attack it.

Well, after 3 sessions (including the initial consultation), the verruca was on its way out. Lorraine was very good at putting me at ease, and also very knowledgeable about other areas of natural and complementary therapy (including aromatherapy oils which I used in conjunction with the visualisation techniques she taught me). A few weeks after my treatment and the verruca has gone! I am so thrilled and can't thank Lorraine enough. I would not hesitate to recommend Lorraine to friends and family. She is utterly professional, discreet and a fantastic therapist. The sessions were actually a complete joy and so relaxing.

- Catherine

Smoking cessation
This client came to me on the recommendation of another client I had helped to quit smoking

Having tried many times to quit smoking, Lorraine was recommended to me by a friend that had successfully quit. I am genuinely amazed to say I haven't smoked since, I would thoroughly recommend Lorraine to anyone that seriously wants to quit smoking as I thought I would never be able to quit.

- Simon

Smoking cessation
My client explains below her decision to quit and use hypnosis to help her do this

I decided that I no longer wanted to be a smoker after 20 years of smoking. I knew that I did not want to use nicotine replacement but that I would need help and support. I had one hypnotherapy session with Lorraine and three months on am a non smoker. The session with Lorraine was relaxing and focused on my particular situation. At all times I felt in control and involved and left the session confident that I no longer saw cigarettes as part of my life. Hypnotherapy made me feel empowered to take control which was, and is a great way of changing a habit. Thank you Lorraine. Kind Regards,

- Mo

Smoking Cessation
This gentleman wanted to stop smoking after many years as he felt that smoking was no longer something he wanted in his life.

Lorraine Hi, all very successful thank you! No desire or urges to smoke, to be frank I haven't really thought about it. A week down and so far so good, all thanks to you! Yours,

- Ned

Panic Attacks
This woman came to see me because she was experiencing anxiety attacks in certain situations relating to work and travel. After seeing her GP, who ruled out any physical problem, she became aware that her uncomfortable symptoms were triggered by certain situations.

As a self reliant, confident person; to suffer with panic attacks (in the form of extreme nausea and racing heart ) for the first time in my life, and for it to be completely out of the blue (or so I thought); I honestly did not know what I was experiencing or why. It was a disorientating and scary experience.

Lorraine’s therapy - a combination of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, not only helped me to realize what was happening on a subconscious level (when my brain was telling me it HAD to be something physical) and helped me look at my life, my patterns of behavior and positive changes I could make to break these patterns, even down to my internal dialogue, which had caused me to become anxious in the first place.

I had no idea what I was walking into; I had never had Hypnotherapy before and some sessions we just talked. I had some incredible reactions, some intense realizations and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life…. I think even without the panic attacks it would have changed my life!! I cannot recommend Lorraine highly enough!

- Rebecca

Smoking Cessation
This client came to see me last year for one 2 hour smoking cessation session and contacted me recently to tell me she is still not smoking.

Hi Lorraine, Hope you are well. I am still not smoking. I broke it once after 6 months and was so excited to discover that I am not a smoker any more! Thanks,

- Tandy

Anxiety attacks
This client came to see me because she had become anxious about driving on motorways and dual carriageways. Having experienced panic attacks when driving, she had started to avoid such journeys. She was concerned about these feelings of anxiety and the effects of planning her life around this fear.

Hi Lorraine. I am happy to report that I feel great after last seeing you and I can feel the positive changes in every aspect of myself and can attribute this to your sessions with me. I am thankful for my panic attacks as the experience forced me to find the help that I wasn't aware that I needed. The sessions with you made me see that my way of thinking combined with real life stresses was creating an inner chaos which was unhelpful, negative and damaging to myself. Outwardly coping but internally destructive. After three sessions I am internally calm and clear, my mind just doesn't go to the places it went to at all. I have lots more energy and I can see and feel the comparison to how I was and how I now am as truly transformative. I know that my panic attacks are in my past and if in the future I were to have a sensation of panic I know that it will pass and that I am safe. It's not a permanent state and I am neither limited or controlled by the sensations. Therefore not having a panic attack. Thank you Lorraine, you were a gift to me.

- Lisa

Fear of Public Speaking
This client came to me as she had been informed that she would need to give presentations at work in the future. This filled her with dread as she had always avoided being in the spotlight, even at school. We worked together using hypnosis and cognitive behavioural techniques. She was feeling more relaxed and less fearful at the end of our sessions.

Dear lorraine. After seeing you for hypnosis sessions on public speaking at the end of last year you have opened my eyes up to fears that were holding me back from communicating with others at ease and presenting myself in front of people. I feel that I now tend to hold back negative thoughts if my mind starts to wonder and analyse what people think of me. This helps me to just get on with my day without dwelling on uncomfortable situations.

I haven't actually had the chance to perform a presentation in front of a large group yet but I will definitely be using the skills that we worked through and the hypnosis cd for when I do. I shall also keep you informed! I would like to thank you for your help during your sessions and will most definitely recommend you to others in the future!

- Rebecca

Fear of Flying
This gentleman had become increasingly nervous about flying over a number of years and was becoming more anxious about flying. A forthcoming holiday in the U.S. prompted him to book to see me to help him work on his phobia of flying.

Hi Lorraine, I just wanted to say a huge Thank You for your help with my flying worries. I was nervous, but nowhere near what I had been and as we started moving on the runway my nervousness sort of vanished and I had a great flight with the kids and a great holiday and flight back. Off to Florida in a couple of weeks and I'm genuinely forward to the journey. Thank You.

- Nik

Smoking Cessation
This one speaks for itself

Dear Lorraine, Today is the 1st anniversary since I last smoked!! Thank you for your help.

I sometimes dream I have smoked and get a terrible guilt feeling which makes me wake up!! I am always very relieved it was just a dream.. With best wishes,

- Simon

This young woman came to see me for help with her eating problems. She decided to book my 12 week weight control course as she wanted to commit to a structured programme of sessions.

I have seen food as the enemy for so long that I did not realize that my way of thinking could ever be changed. The feeling of not having control over my eating was very distressing to me and when I came to see Lorraine I was in a very bad place. Lorraine helped me to make changes to my thought processes and attitude which helped me to regain control of my bad eating habits such as over-eating and the accompanying overwhelming stress and gulit. Over the course of a few months I have enjoyed a new sense of self-confidence I never thought I could have gained in such a short time. Thank you Lorraine for being such a positive in my life and supporting me in my journey to a better, healthier and happier way of life.

- Pippa

Emotional Eating
This client had put on weight since retiring and confessed to eating when bored. After three sessions with me her husband also began seeing me for help to lose weight.

Thank you for help with my eating problems. I waited until after my holiday to experience the dangerous idleness of holidays (as opposed to the dangerous idleness of retirement). I am happy to report that what I have learned was very useful in dealing with the daily temptations that are part of any holiday. What helped me most was "food is fuel" and has nothing to do with any other emotion. It is the first time on holiday that I have not put on weight and I am very happy with the whole situation. Thanks again.


Binge eating
This client came to see me to lose weight and to stop binge eating. As is often the case, there were underlying emotional issues behind her behaviour which she also want to deal through our sessions together.

I went to see Lorraine to help me with my eating problems. I'd long binged on food, especially chocolate, and felt out of control. Apart from my eating habits, Lorraine and I talked about issues from my past and we worked through many things that would still trigger anger and frustration. Now I've got control of my food cravings and am able to resist chocolate (I didn't have any chocolate for 6 weeks and then was able to eat just a couple of pieces) and I haven't binged for 2 months. Lorraine has helped me to see things differently and I'm now able to say what's bothering me and then let it go. I no longer stress about things or hang on to them. I'm more patient with my children and am communicating better with my husband and family. Lorraine has helped me to see things in perspective, so I can now easily judge what's important and what's not. The changes have been gradual and I can't remember everything that Lorraine said to me in hypnosis, but I'm completely sold on hypnotherapy. Lorraine's CD to stop emotional eating is really good and very relaxing. Hypnotherapy has really made a difference to me and I know that if I have any problems in the future, I can contact her for help. Lorraine has a very relaxed, reassuring approach and made me feel immediately welcome. I never felt that any issue, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable to discuss was ever laughed at. Lorraine asks some challenging questions that really get you thinking about things differently. I always left her with plenty of food for thought! Thanks for everything Lorraine

- Melody

Insomnia & Smoking Cessation
This young woman came to see me for help initially with sleep problems. She also bought my 'Blissful Sleep' CD to use at home. Several months later she returned when she decided to quit smoking.

Insomnia was the reason I started seeing Lorraine, after trying prescriptions sleeping pills and acupuncture which did nothing for me. Two one hour sessions with Lorraine and I sleep at least 8 hours a day!! And there was the smoking, social habit of 10 years and with the big 3 0 knocked at door and I've decided to quit. I thought it would be easy, because I only had a few cigarettes a week and few more at the weekend, I tried really hard for 3 month by myself and nothing. My friends and I couldn't imagine me having a glass of wine without my lovely Vogue cigarette, just one or two not a biggie, but I couldn't resist!!! But it was time for me to quit... One session of hypnotherapy with Lorraine and I have been smoke free for over a month!!! I can't stand the cigarette smoke now, but my skin looks great, I feel amazing and in control, as "cheeky" cigarette doesn't control me anymore!! None of my friends can't believe it, but now I enjoy my wine smoke free!!! Hypnotherapy with Lorraine is the way to go!

- Joanna

Bruxism (teeth grinding)
This gentleman came to see me because he had been grinding his teeth at night in his sleep. Apart from giving him pain, he had suffered some dental problems that needed treatment. Before undertaking remedial work, he wanted to break this habit.

Dear Lorraine, Just a quick note to thank you for all your help and guidance this summer. Not only have I learned the official word for chronic teeth grinding ('bruxism'), I have also been able to understand much more about its causes. Addressing those underlying reasons through discussion and hypnotherapy rather than simply trying to halt the symptoms has made an enormous difference. It has also been a fascinating and life-affirming journey to take and I would recommend to anyone with similar issues to book some sessions and take back control of their lives. It's not just their teeth that will thank them for it! All good wishes,

- Nick

After seeing this client's wife for smoking cessation hypnotherapy, she recommended me to her husband who had been having trouble sleeping. He wasn't an obviously 'stressy' person, but didn't switch off sufficiently after work or allow enough 'downtime'

I went to Lorraine after my wife had experienced success, in a single-session, with her stop-smoking hypnotherapy treatment.

My issue was tougher, I was increasingly unable to sleep well and it was getting beyond a joke. I booked for an initial session and Lorraine explained that I would benefit from a course of six weekly sessions for my issue. I signed-up and after the 7 sessions (but with results starting after 3) I am now sleeping well and very grateful that I went to see her. Her premises are comfortable and professional and as well as the hypnotherapy itself, I found some of the tips and advice she gave me really worked. She also has a fantastic CD that accompanied my course which really helped at the beginning too. I'd be happy to recommend her without hesitation.

- Giles

Anxiety & Insomnia
Insomnia led this client to contact me for help as she was feeling exhausted and desperate for a good night's sleep.

After one session Lorraine's hypnotherapy changed my basic mindset towards my daily anxiety and the resulting insomnia. After just two sessions I felt able to approach problems in a more relaxed way and was sleeping better. It's definitely worth giving hypnotherapy with Lorraine a go!

- Rachel

Public Speaking
This client came to see me because as a very emotional person she feared she would cry all the way through a reading and not be able to get her words out.

Hi Lorraine. I promised that I would let you know what happened at the wedding! It was a beautiful day and everything went according to plan! I was really nervous about the reading, my hands were trembling. But at the rehearsal on the Friday night I had to read a bit so they could discover if I could be heard around the chapel, as there was no microphone, so I had had a little practice in the empty chapel. The anthem was sung which was my calming down time and I got up, walked to the spot and this voice came out, strong and controlled - I sort of surprised myself and a lot of other people too!! Those that know me all thought that I would have a little weep! Thank you so much for the help you have given me. I don’t know if I could have done it without, I will never know, but I am really glad I had the opportunity to work with you on some techniques to help then, and in the future. I felt really proud that I was able to do it all justice.

- Angela

Fear of MRI scan
This gentleman had a terrible fear of having an MRI scan, after a previous scan prior to treatment.

“Hello Lorraine. I saw you a few times over the last few weeks before I had my MRI scan. I had my scan last Thursday and it went very well, no problems at all. I didn’t have one moment’s anxiety. I was very surprised. I could have done two really, I felt so confident, no problems whatsoever, so I thought I’d let you know. Many thanks for everything.”

- Conor

Fear of mice and rats
This lady had been afraid of mice and rats for most of her adult life and had only three sessions of hypnosis to bring about this profound change.

Dear Lorraine. Thank you so much for making a big difference to my life.

I have suffered for many years from my extreme phobia of mice and rats that my quality of life had not been great. My phobia has stopped me from doing lots of things and I have avoided places that I might have had an encounter with or seen photos of the dreaded creatures.

After my sessions with you I first noticed that I was not thinking of them all the time and I stopped listening for suspicious sounds. I have slept better and my family have noticed a change in my behaviour. During a visit to my sons house in the countryside of Somerset I walked past a dead field mouse without running away in panic. This had been a great step forward for me and I feel so much more confident now. Thank you Lorraine for your help I will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues who might benefit from therapy sessions.

- Eve

Weight loss
This lady had a long history of dieting and re-gaining weight. After meeting me for a free consultation, she decided to book my weight control programme as she wanted the structure and commitment that the 12 week programme offered.

Hi Lorraine, I would like to thank you for all your help with my food issues and the bad relationship that I had with food, i.e. secret eating, binge eating and never knowing when I was full up. I would have to recommend hypnosis as you have put an end to this merry-go-round that I seemed to have found myself on. It is now a pleasure to not have to think about dieting, not have to worry about calories and any other fad diets.

Your CD's have helped keep me on the straight and narrow and your new one for Emotional Eating is of such superb quality that it is like having a private session with you. I would certainly recommend anyone with eating issues to give you a call, it has helped change my attitude to food and exercise and as a result have lost weight without all the hassle of constantly thinking diet. Once again thanks for all you help.

- Georgina

Confidence & self-esteem
This client had no experience of hypnosis when she came to see me at my hypnotherapy centre, near her home. It was a pleasure to see her gain confidence and self-belief over just a few sessions and she has kindly recommended other friends to me.

I came to see Lorraine because I realised I was holding myself back. I wanted to pass a professional exam yet I found every excuse not to prepare for it. I wanted to expand my business but was shy to approach new clients. Was there something for me to gain by failing? asked Lorraine. We talked about what I thought others expected of me and what I actually wanted for myself. I re-adjusted my motivation and almost immediately felt more relaxed, focused and even excited about the challenges ahead of me. During the hypnosis, I experienced a wonderful surge of confidence and optimism and these feelings have stayed with me since. In day to day life I feel self-assured, whole and happy. At times when I feel down I find myself able to handle negative emotions more constructively and calmly.

I feel I benefitted from my sessions with Lorraine on many levels, most importantly of all as a woman. It was an empowering experience and I will be drawing on it for many months, if not years, to come. Thank you, Lorraine.

- HS, Earlsfield

This client came to see me for help with anxiety, but also experienced low mood and pain from physical problems. She purchased my 'Blissful Sleep' CD to help with her poor sleep pattern and also for general relaxation (there is a track for each). She has subsequently recommended a family member for help with anxiety and a phobia.

Hi Lorraine, I am getting along very well at the moment and continue to use my hypnosis CDs on a daily basis. I would like to thank you again for helping me sort out my life using hypnosis.

Since seeing you for hypnosis I have been able to concentrate much better and have been able to focus on my work and feel more relaxed, I am a lot more focused and interested in things I use to do. I didn’t expect it to have such an effect on my health either, I am much happier and feel calm and my relationships with my husband, friends and family have improved as I am getting out more. Although I still have occasional anxiety I have not had any more panic attacks and I feel that my symptoms were much less severe after I had seen you or listened to the CD you made me, and I am sleeping a lot better to. I feel more like my old self and don’t let things get to me so much and it’s helped a lot. I have been able to look at things clearly and more positively and feel more confident in myself. I feel that I am coming out of my depression. My family and friends have noticed a difference in my mood and behaviour and I feel more energised and am coping much better with pain control.

I now use hypnosis as part of my daily routine to help me relax and cope with whatever I am faced with and I am far less fearful than before. I will most definitely recommend you to friends in the future should they need help. I will definitely be back in a few months time for a top up! Thank you so much for helping me to get back on track and start living my life again. Best wishes

- Julie

Pregnancy complication stress
This was a situation which required an especially sensitive approach as the risks to the pregnancy were significant. I was pleased to be able to help her to feel more positive and relaxed in her pregnancy and was delighted when it all ended well.

Having been diagnosed with certain complications in my pregnancy, I decided to look into hypnotherapy as a way of keeping me calm, positive and relaxed throughout a difficult time. And the sessions with Lorraine have definitely done that. It’s a great way of focusing my thoughts on what’s important, and generally making sure I stay balanced and calm - which at some points hasn’t been easy. I’d recommend it for anyone who’s pregnant - whether you’ve got a ‘normal’ pregnancy and planning a natural birth, or not - it’s a great way of keeping in touch with what’s happening in your body and giving yourself a window in today’s hectic lifestyle to step back and re-connect with your pregnancy in a really positive way.

- Karla

Smoking cessation
This testimonial was posted by my client three months after having smoking cessation hypnotherapy with me. Three years on, I'm pleased to say that they are still a non-smoker.

I decided to try hypnotherapy to help me to give up smoking at the beginning of the year. As someone who has smoked for many years I was a little sceptical about how successful the treatment would be. It was remarkable - even after the first treatment I felt I'd conquered my addiction and was free from smoking. I was extremely happy with the treatment I received and three months on I remain a non-smoker! I would highly recommend Lorraine to anyone looking for help with giving up smoking or any other addiction.

- Nic

Social phobia
This client came to see me for social phobia which led to them avoid social gatherings and also to leave jobs where meeting the public was required. Needless to say I was delighted to see the change over a few weeks and to receive this message.

Hi Lorraine, Thank you so so much for all you did for me..Its amazing feeling now I even can't explain. My life is so much different now :)) I would like to see u sometimes for stop smoking therapy. I will keep your contact and let you know when I'm ready. Thank you again for everything.

- Luka

Weight loss
This client is a lone parent with a very demanding job and she had got into a habit of comforting herself with chocolate in the evenings. She also used to eat very large portions and snacked in between meals. She booked for the six session (12 week) programme and began to notice changes after the first session.

After slowly putting on weight over the last few years I decided to try hypnotherapy. I chose Lorraine because after checking her CV and experience she seemed the best. Hypnosis wasn't how I imagined - more like relaxation or meditation - not what people think it is at all. It really did help and suddenly I just started eating smaller portions and eating less. I feel a lot calmer and am more patient with my young son. I've got down from a size 16 to size 12 and I hardly eat between meals now. The Stop Emotional CD really helped me sustain momentum and if I have a slip up I go back to using it.

- Maria

Chocolate addiction
I think this one speaks for itself...

I came to Hypnotherapy as my last hope. I had seen Lorraine's boards and picked up a leaflet about four times, before finally admitting that I could no longer tackle my Chocolate Addiction on my own. I wasn't even sure it would actually work but I was desperate to change. At the time I was obsessing about chocolate and sugar for most of the day, I could easily eat a 200g bar or a packet of biscuits in one sitting, or polish off a family bag of Maltesers in the time it took for the kettle to boil. I would panic at the sight of a buffet table or when I had to share food, desperate that there wouldn't be enough food to satisfy me. The more I ate the more I wanted to, and my weight crept up over the years until I was 3 stone overweight. I was never a big believer in diets because I knew that I wasn't getting to the root of the problem but I had tried pretty much everything from slimming clubs, hypnotherapy tapes, motivational courses to juice fasts. It didn't make any difference, I simply could not stop eating chocolate. It was so nice to talk to Lorraine in such an open way, my addiction had been such a secret 'pleasure' that it was wonderful to share my darkest thoughts and fears in such a safe and compassionate surrounding. I think Lorraine saw the absolute worst sides of me and gently guided me back to normality. Each session tackled something that contributed towards my problem and over time I felt better about a whole range of issues that had held me back in life in general. Then one session, which didn't seem particularly poignant or dynamic at the time, changed everything. I walked out of Lorraine's office knowing that something monumental had shifted. I just didn't want to eat chocolate anymore!

Since that session my response to chocolate is so relaxed. I stop eating desserts halfway through because I don't want any more, I buy a packet of biscuits and just eat one, I go for a week without eating chocolate and I don't miss it. I have lost weight and I know my body will find its natural level but Lorraine's sessions have given me a far better prize; my personal freedom from a problem that had blighted my adult life. It feels amazing to be free of the fear and obsession that used to fill my life, I have much more time and energy to focus on the things that are really important.

- Fiona

Smoking Cessation & Stress / Frustration
This client came to see me to make some lifestyle changes. We did a couple of hypnosis sessions and a number of coaching sessions (NLP & CBT approaches) through which he was able to become more aware of his reactions and responses to situations and to learn better strategies.

I initially visited Lorraine for help with giving up smoking. In the introductory session we very broadly discussed my life both in work and at home (like most parents I tend only to exist in 2 worlds); Lorraine was able to help me to easily to open up and talk in a way I found comforting and supporting and crucially not at all embarrassing. She was insightful about the way I "tick" and not averse to asking tough questions - definitely not hippie dippy. I felt even in the first session that the opportunity simply to lay things out and talk them over with someone impartial was really uplifting. Honestly I was far more stressed and pent up than I could possibly have realised. Being open about and subsequently rationalising/prioritising my feelings made a huge difference to the way I looked at almost everything - especially me and smoking.

Given the way it works I can't remember much about the hypnotherapy itself other than I was always comfortable and came out feeling great. Suffice to say the smoking session did the trick and genuinely made giving up far easier, I had given up many times and always lost my way after a few months. I'm now almost 9 months smoke free and I think far differently about smoking now than I I ever did before. Perhaps the best way to describe it is simply that I'm not an ex-smoker I'm a non smoker, I feel no more likely to smoke than I am likely to run the marathon or swim the channel.

Following on from the success of the smoking sessions I decided to have a series of fortnightly sessions to help me deal with some of the more deep seated stress issues. To be clear I wasn't classically stressed, outwardly very laid back, happy and confident but prone to flareups and this was largely what we looked to work on. Lorraine helped me to get to the root cause of some of the problems, most of them were simply about how I viewed situations and the coaching helped me to see things coming and showed me options for taking appropriate action to avoid the flash point. My relationships with my wife and kids is far better for it, I must recommend Lorraine to anyone who is struggling to deal with the stresses of modern life - - she can't make the stress go away but can help you to see things differently. This investment in myself has genuinely paid off and I'm hoping by sharing this it might help you too.

- James

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