For those of us who work in the profession of talking therapy, clinical supervision is extremely valuable. For new or inexperienced therapists (less than 3 years/300 client hours) it is essential. Supervision offers a confidential, safe service for therapists where they can debrief and discuss difficult or upsetting cases with a qualified supervisor who will have greater professional experience than they currently have. Supervision sessions can be conducted 1-2-1 or in groups; face to face or online using Zoom.

The role of a supervisor is to support the safety and emotional wellbeing of both the therapist and their clients. The identity of clients will always remain confidential, known only to the therapist with whom they are working. The most important effect of this process is helping each therapist to develop their therapeutic skills for the benefit and safety of their clients as well as their own self-growth. 

As a National Council for Hypnotherapy solution-focused supervisor, I encourage my supervisees to reflect on cases and discuss their ideas, possible techniques and therapy options for their clients. If a therapist is really stuck for ideas for helping their client or has a safeguarding concern, I can offer suggestions or advice.

If you’d like to have a no-obligation chat about supervision book a call so we can see if we are a ‘good fit.’

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